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A Profile Academy for designers and engineers from various backgrounds.

Sapa UK held their 9th Profile Academy on May 10th and 11th.  Sometimes it can be difficult to keep a programme fresh and often we think maybe we should change a certain aspect.

This year we decided that, the format would stay the same but we would try and attract a more diverse audience.  We invited various blue-chip and independent organisations through our Salesforce tool and social media outlets such as LinkedIn as well as using Google to search specific industries that we hadn't had at our profile academy before. One of our greatest tools is the design manual which has evolved for over 30 years. Once people register to download the app, or request a hardcopy we can advise them that we have a profile academy that's like an interactive version of the design manual.

This year we had Dyson technologies, Bombardier Rail and Aganto amongst a strong and dynamic group of 40 individuals. These particular three companies have never attended our profile academy before. A formula of designer's engineers and architects from such diverse backgrounds created some fantastic ideas from the two afternoon workshops. The 5 teams like most years kept the Sapa audience and academy visitors engaged with their animations of the end product. This year was no exception to the creativity that even surprised our guests with the possibilities that can be achieved with aluminium extrusion. 

Our format which we introduced on our last academy was to take the teams to the beginnings where our dies are made at Sapa Gloucester Futuretools. A lengthy process with a new found appreciation for the majority of the groups who had not envisaged what is involved.

Plant tours of Cheltenham and Redditch Fabrication, took in, both of our presses, anodising, Romidot, die maintenance, Unit5 and our fabrication facilities.

All of the above and the many seminars, and workshops are not possible without the various supports of all the departments in Cheltenham, Gloucester Futuretools and the Redditch Application Centre.

We are very much looking forward to putting our brains together to see how we can make our 10th Profile Academy just as successful and a little better than our previous.

The profile Academy is defiantly a fantastic project to demonstrate how you can go circular with Sapa.

Please watch out for further information at www.sapaprofiles.com/uk

Sapa Profiles UK deliver  their 8th Profile Design Academy Sapa Profiles UK deliver  their 8th Profile Design Academy Sapa Profiles UK deliver  their 8th Profile Design Academy

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